Jamil Jude to Direct Dominique Morisseau’s SKELETON CREW At True Colors Theatre Company

Jamil Jude to Direct Dominique Morisseau's SKELETON CREW At True Colors Theatre Company

Artistic Director Kenny Leon and True Colors Theatre Company present Dominique Morisseau’s Skeleton Crew beginning this February. Part of Morisseau’s The Detroit Project trilogy, Skeleton Crew, is an insightful drama about the value of work to workers and what happens when their livelihoods are threatened by layoffs. Set in 2008’s Great Recession, Skeleton Crew tells the story of factory workers at the last auto stamping plant in Detroit and their uncertainty as rumors of their plant’s imminent closing stir. Jamil Jude True Colors’ Associate Artistic Director, returns to the director’s chair after a successful run of August Wilson’s King Hedley II last spring.

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Playing on Air Podcast Featuring RULES OF COMEDY by Patricia Cotter

Caroline can’t find anything funny — not her awkward love life, not her jaded standup coach Guy, and definitely not the punchlines she’s been reading in 101 Dirty Jokes. 

Originally produced at the Humana Festival at the Actors Theater of Louisville, Patricia Cotter‘s RULES OF COMEDY is a playful, wry look at the lives of comedians when they dare to go offstage and off script. Directed by Jonathan Bernstein, Cotter’s short comedy stars Louisa Krause (The Flick, Billions, PoA’s Winter Gamesand Michael Esper (Trust, The Last Ship, PoA’s Anniversary). After the play, stay tuned for an artist interview about the playwright’s background in comedy, avoiding the pull towards bitterness, and toeing the line with your material.

“Cotter’s script is lush with the knowledge of standup comedy… this play is a scream” – Todd Zeigler, Broadway World Reviews

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radioman at del arte

Radioman will run two weeks in January at the Del Arte Theatre in Blue Lake, CA.

Writings by a Humboldt County Vietnam veteran have inspired a play which not only is being produced locally but may be picked up for a much broader audience.

In 1968, Eureka native, Eric Hollenbeck was drafted and sent to Vietnam. He’s since returned and been at the Blue Ox Millworks for nearly five decades.  However, the road home has not necessarily been smooth nor easily traveled.

In 1992, Hollenbeck wrote a series of poems cleansing his soul of some of the grief and memories that came flooding back that weekend.  Those poems were published as “Uncle Sam’s Tour Guide to Southeast Asia.”

Then, through Hollenbeck’s coincidental friendship with producer Lester Grant, playwright James McManus became involved in 2015; and the theatrical production entitled “Radioman” has emerged from those poems and the stories of younger generations of returning veterans as well.

“Radioman” will be showcased at Del Arte Theatre in Blue Lake for two weeks in January. Hollenbeck says the January performances aren’t “Radioman’s” official premier because producers from larger cities will be at the local production to see the play and may opt to “pick it up.”

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THE HELLO GIRLS: Perky, Pertinent World War I Musical is Welcome!

Review By David Finkle


Songwriter Peter Mills—who provides the score for The Hello Girls, just opening with great flair at 59E59 Theatres—has been working quietly for a couple decades now. Considering his enormous talent, he’s been working much more quietly than he deserves.

The Hello Girls isn’t quiet, by any means. It’s a rousing and canny entry at the end of 2018, the #Metoo year. Set in 1918, it’s very much about the Great War, which ended just a few days over a century back. So with a focus on the terrifying war and the active societal equalizing of women, it’s a clever amalgam of something historically pertinent and something contemporarily pertinent.


A 1995 Princeton graduate, who was, of course, a Triangle Club member, Mills co-founded the Prospect Theater Company with Reichel and in the intervening years has written the songs (and often written or co-written the book) for several other highly appealing musicals. These include The Flood, which concerns the 1927 Mississippi River disaster and boasts “It’s Amazing the Things That Float,” arguably the most brilliant song composed for a show anytime recently.

Had Mills been dreaming up songs in the mid-20th century, he would likely have been a celebrated Broadway tunesmith, but the closest he’s come to the main Stem so far is The Honeymooners, a musical adaptation of the classic Jackie Gleason sitcom, for which he wrote only the lyrics (Stephen Weiner, the composer). It opened a year ago at the Paper Mill Playhouse and, for reasons only slightly involving Mills, was sufficiently below par not to warrant much more discussion.


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FANATICAL, Book by Reina Hardy, premiere at The Playground Theatre

FANATICAL is a brand new musical, ideal for fans of musicals and all things science fiction. It tells the story of how fans of beloved comic book turned TV show Angel 8, can save the day. Set in a UK convention centre; Angel 8 fans eagerly await the arrival of author and keynote speaker Scott Furnish (played by Stephen Frost). Fans, led by Trix (played by Suanne Braun); cannot wait to meet Furnish as the first season TV show of Angel 8 has just finished airing.

With a pop score, it is a fast-paced, upbeat comedy celebrating what it means to be passionate about the things you love. Anyone that is a fan of Stargate, Star Trek, Dr Who, Red Dwarf, Blake’s 7 or Comic Con – it is time to get your geek on -book tickets for the world premiere of FANATICAL on at The Playground Theatre.

Performances run 8 November thru 8 December.

Please feel free to arrive in costume!

This play is recommended for ages 11+

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