Jordi Galcerán

Jordi Picture1 4-7-09Jordi Galcerán (Barcelona, 1964) studied Catalan Philology at the University of Barcelona. He started writing plays in 1988, directing some of them himself in amateur venues.

In 1995, for the first time, he decided to submit his two most recent scripts to play competitions. PARAULES ENCADENADES (WORD PLAY) (1995) won the 20th Born Theatre Award (organized by the Artistic Circle of Ciutadella, Menorca) and the Serra d’Or Critics Award for Theatre in 1997. DAKOTA (DAKOTA) was awarded the Ignasi Iglésias Award in 1995 by the Institut del Teatre of the Diputació de Barcelona.

He has also premiered SURF (1990), FUITA (1994), GAUDI (2002), PARADIS (2000), THE GRÖNHOLM METHOD (2003), CARVIVAL (2006), CANCUN (2008), BURUNDANGA (2011) and CREDIT (2013). THE GRÖNHOLM METHOD is his most recognized international success, with productions in over 60 countries. Jordi has translated and adapted more than twenty plays, and in addition to theater work, he has worked as a writer for several television series and has written eight feature films.

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Television: Dramatic adaptation and screenplay for Secrets of the Family (story by Merce Roca), televised in Catalunya 1995. Story and screenplay of the series Ivern for television 1996-2001 (Published in the Editorial Empu?ries, Barcelona 2002). Author of the play Despues de la lluvia, Studio 1 of TVE, 2000. Author of Despres de la pluja, TVmovie from Augsti Villaronga for DiagonalTV (2007). Story and screenwriter for the series Sin identitdad (Atresmedia y DiagonalTV, 2014) (Chapters 1 and 5).

Film: Co-screenwriter, with Ventura Pons, for the movie Caricies, based on his own play. Directed by Ventura Pons. Morir (o no), from Ventura Pons, based on his play Morir. Forasters (Forasteros), from Ventura Pons, based on his own play. Screenwriter for the movie Eva, for Escandalo films and Paramount Pictures, written con Cristina Clemente, Marti Roca and Aintza Serra (2011), nominated for the Gaudi and Goya Awards. Co-screenwriter, together with Lluis Minarro, of Stella Cadente, from Lluis Minarro, nominated for a Gaudi Award.

Awards and Recognitions:

The Marqués de Bradomín Award, 1986, for the play Calidoscopios...
The Granollers City Award, 1987, for Dins la seva memòria.
The National Ignasi Iglésias Award, 1987, for Elsa Schneider.
The Critics Award for Best Direction, 1991, for Desig.
The Critical Eye Award from RNE, 1992.?The National Award of Dramatic Literature of Catalonia 1993-95, for Després de la pluja.
The “Serra d’Or” Critics Award, 1994, for Després de la pluja.
The Borne de Teatro Award 1994, for Morir.
The Ercilla de Teatro Award for “Best Theatrical Work,” 1996.
The Butaca Award for best direction, 1996, for L ’hostalera.
The National Dramatic Literature of Spanish Culture Award, 1996, for Morir.?
The Meliá Park Award for best dramatic play, 1997, for Después de la lluvia.?
The “Els millors de 1997” of Tarragona Award for best theatrical direction, for L’avar”, d e Molière.
The “Molière 1999” Award for best comedy of the season for Après la pluie ( Después de la lluvia) in the production of Théâtre de Poche Montparnasse de París (1998-99).
The National Catalonian Theater Award, 2000 for best direction of L’estiueig, by Carlo Goldoni (TNC, 1999)
Critics Award for best theatrical montage,“Serra d’Or” 2002, for La dona incompleta.?
The Max de las Artes Escénicas 2002 Award for international projection for Después de la lluvia.?
Barcelona’s Performing Arts Award, 2003 for the direction and writing of Dissabte, diumenge i dilluns de Eduardo de Filippo (TNC, 2002).
The Butaca Award 2003 for best direction and best theatrical montage for Dissabte, diumenge i dilluns de Eduardo de Filippo (TNC, 2002).
“Teatre BCN” Award, 2003 for best direction of the season for Primera Plana ( TNC, 2003).
The “Els millors de 2003” of Tarragona Award for best theatrical direction for L’habitació del nen, de Benet i Jornet.
The “Teatre BCN” Award for best theatrical direction of the season 2004-­2005 for “El mètode Grönholm”.
The Butaca Award 2005 for best script and best performance for “Forasters”.
The Butaca Award 2009 for best theatrical montage of the season for “El Ball”.
The Butaca Award 2011 for best theatrical montage for “Agost”. Nominated for a Gaudí 2012 for best original screenplay for Eva.
Nominated for Goya 2012 for best original screenplay for Eva.
Nominated for Gaudí 2015 for best screenplay for Stella Cadente.


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