Heather Ragusa

Heather has worked as songwriter and recording artist for over a decade, including fronting Heather Rae and Tumbleweed and opening multiple times for punk legend Exene Cervenka. Heather’s freshman album Slow Down Woman inspired the queer country musical LET’S BE SILVER, a collaboration with her HERE AND THEIR writing partner Jasmine Joshua.  Heather has roots in both musical theater and commercial music production, and has collaborated and performed with members of Social Distortion, Steppenwolf, The Abiders, The Pullmen, Lily Water, The Side Show Preachers, The Rug Cutters, Whiskey Chimp, 5th and Birmingham, the Dahlia Partons, Dusty Bottom Girls, and more. Heather has performed with groups at Carnegie Hall, venues throughout Southern California, and even placed second at the Cowboy Palace’s Amateur Performer Night behind Wanda the Dairy Cow Yodeler. Also, not to name drop, but she once rode on the back of Nick St. Nicholas’s motorcycle, stole beer from Hoobastank’s green room, and squatted in Glenn Danzig’s trailer (not all on the same day). Heather raises chickens and children in Eagle Rock with her master carpenter husband, Jon-Paul.