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Yasmine Rana’s “The War Zone Is My Bed” Reading in Madrid

Yasmine Rana THE WAR ZONE IS MY BED consists of two one-acts, one taking place in Kabul, the other in Sarajevo. Read more about Yasmine Rana.      

Teaneck woman’s play brings horrors of Bosnian war to light

by Myles Ma | Posted July 18, 2013 NEW YORK — The Bosnian War hasn’t stayed in the memories of many Americans, if it was ever there to begin with. So what is the draw for attendees of “The Fallen,” Yasmine Beverly Rana‘s play about six survivors of the war? “It’s not just a [...]

Q&A Preview of THE FALLEN with Yasmine Beverly Rana q&a preview THE FALLEN by Yasmine Beverly Rana June 17, 2013 What is your job on this show? Playwright. What is your show about? The Fallen sheds light on the Bosnian War and the repercussions that men and women on both sides of the conflict face nearly two decades after its end; moving forward [...]

FREUD’S LAST SESSION opens in Oslo Sept 21

Mark St. Germain‘s FREUD’S LAST SESSION will make its Norwegian Premiere in Oslo on September 21st, translated and directed by Kjetil Bang-Hansen. For More Information

“Freud’s Last Session” is an intellectual swordfight about faith

by Jana Monji | posted January 24, 2013 Sigmund Freud is, like it or not, part of pop culture from the stereotype of the bearded-German-accented psychiatrist to the mere mention of “penis envy” or Freudian slip. C.S. Lewis has his place in pop culture as well, as part of children’s English literature–with a few [...]

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