‘The Office’ Reunion: Kate Flannery Reunites With Warehouse Star Ameenah Kaplan

Kate Flannery and Ammenah Kaplan had an impromptu Office reunion this week, and fans are losing it. Flannery posted photos of herself with Kaplan on Instagram and Twitter, noting that they haven’t seen each other since the show wrapped. The reunion had fans feeling nostalgic.

Office reunion!” Flannery wrote. “Hey to the warehouse superstar, Val! [Ameenah Kaplan] directing the tour of [Disney’s Lion King] WOAH! Last time I saw her was Dwight and Angela’s wedding.”…

“This is awesome!!” commented Fischer on Instagram, while Kinsey added: “Love it!!” Some fans tagged Kaplan in the post, as well, and sang her praises beyond The Office itself. One wrote: “Literally everyone should go learn about how bad ass Ameenah Kaplan (Val) is!! Drummer, choreographer, director, producer, actress and more. Hers should be a household name!”

Kaplan has a prolific theater and performance background, with a strong emphasis on drumming. She was in the original cast of the American STOMP, and was a drum coach for the Blue Man Group. She went on to play percussion for acts like Ty Taylor of Vintage Trouble, Adam Lambert, Alisan Porter, Macy Gray, Rihanna, Taylor Hicks, Lisa Haley and the Zydecats, Drake, Leslie Odom Jr., Scarlett Cherry and the Twinz.

On The Office, Kaplan played a warehouse worker named Val whom Darryl (Craig Robinson) developed a crush on. Her other TV credits include Grey’s Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Heroes and Cold Case, among others. In movies, she is most recognizable for playing Gamora’s mom in flashback sequences in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

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