Review of The Grönholm Method at the Menier Chocolate Factory

Job interviews are horrible. It doesn’t matter how many you have been through, they are always terrifying, And these days, the higher the position, the more difficult the interview process. Of course, the important thing is how much do you want the job? And this is where the ultimate interview comes in, which is the subject of Jordi Galceran’s play – translated by Anne García-Romero and Mark St. Germain – The Grönholm Method at the Menier Chocolate Factory.

Jordi Galceran has written a fascinating story…that brings the recruitment and interview processes used by some firms sharply into focus. I’ve been through psychometric testing, preparing and giving presentations, assessment days, group discussions, telephone, panel, structured, unstructured, competency based, etc in my time and The Grönholm Method (it’s a made up name) is just taking interview techniques to a new level. However, the quality of the writing is not only the method but the twists and turns, of which there are an amazing amount for a 90-minute show, that leave you wondering who exactly is who and is anyone who or what they claim to be?

This is a fascinating play that I found utterly riveting from start to finish.

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