Audrey Cefaly to be featured in Page-to-Stage festival at Kennedy Center

Unexpected Stage Company is presenting “Tell Me Something Good” (Saturday at 4 p.m. Chinese Lounge), a collection of shorts, written and directed by D.C. playwright Audrey Cefaly. The collection includes “Consider the Ficus,” the story of D.C. couple Garrison, an environmental lawyer, and Nate, an editor, whose relationship blows up the very day the Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage.

Cefaly is probably best known for her play “The Gulf,” winner of the Lambda Literary Award in the category of LGBT drama. Set on a tiny fishing boat in the Alabama delta, this intriguing two hander explores the tumultuous relationship of lesbian couple Betty and Kendra. The play premiered in 2016 at Signature Theatre with a compelling production directed by out director Joe Calarco and has since been produced in England and Australia.

Though not gay herself, Cefaly’s lesbian working-class characters ring exceptionally true — them, their situations and their plainspoken yet gloriously lyrical dialogue. While writing the play, Cefaly ran some things by lesbian friends. She wanted to make sure she got it right.