‘Freud’s Last Session’: A dying man of science and a young Christian

Published: March 27, 2012
by Chris Jones for the Chicago Tribune

“Freud’s Last Session,” the hit off-Broadway play now in commercial residence at the Mercury Theatre, replete with the original New York cast, imagines that a dying and exiled Sigmund Freud invites a young man to his study in London, on the very eve of World War II. The man is C.S. Lewis, one of the few Christian writers and allegorists with a perennial following among agnostics and non-believers. “I wanted to learn how a man of your intellect could suddenly abandon truth and embrace an insidious lie,” the great man of science says to his nervous guest, once he arrives from Oxford. But Lewis gives as good as he gets. “There is a God,” he argues, in numerous different ways, “and a man does not have to be an imbecile to believe in him.”

So goes the argument of the night…

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